Your cloth filter is made to last for at least 100 cups - but with proper maintenance of it in between the sessions. We cannot stress it enough, proper cleaning will prolong your filter’s lifespan. And will prevent any flavor built up from coffee oils. It will keep it pristine clean for the next brew session.
Coffee accents get revealed when they are ground into the form that we consume. But how much does the cloth filter factor add to it? Covering all dimensions and discovering a few along the way, this is a blog to help you understand just that.
When a story comes searching for you, you can’t stop living and revelling in it. A small cup of coffee can tell a story, but a coffee farmer can tell a lot more. “When technicalities get too hard to keep track of, just breathe and start again”, says Rajendra, the mind and soul behind LetsKauphy. From the roads of a bustling Vijayawada to the calm serene forests of Araku, love and coffee always found a way for him. He’s lived a colorful life and one such chronicle is this little snippet from the storyteller himself, lived once and more.
The tricky thing for us as consumers is to understand where to start. The profitability crisis is driving more and more coffee producers out of the industry. Saving coffee will take money, it will take efforts but more than all of that, it will take teamwork. Growing coffee in forests instead of exclusive coffee farms has been a step in the right direction. The money will come from a simple carbon tax, uniformly applied carbon tax will make a ripple effect in generating the revenue for environmental preservation. Coffee production has saved forests in Ethiopia, the diversity is affected but if it wasn't for the caffeinated cup of magic, there wouldn't even be a forest.