🌳 Wobh Weekly #13 - Hello from the other side


I am very excited to write my first edition of Weekly Wobh.

I know there have been other editions, but I promise you are going to love me, every time you hear from me!

Well, well, let me begin by introducing myself.

I am Maanvi and I am a coffee enthusiast. I am not a snob (yet) and I am still exploring my way around coffee. Like the rest of the Wobh team, I am pretty young too! (hush, I am not disclosing my age).


My favorite accounts.

I am addicted to Instagram and I have made a list of my favorite accounts that you all need to follow if you love coffee!


1. Mithilesh Vazalwar a.k.a @roasting_hands - to clear all your basics


2. Subko Coffee - for the aesthetic and the love of coffee


3. Golden Brown Coffee - believe me you will learn and have fun too


4. Jim Seven - If you don’t already follow him, I don’t know what to say


5. Wobh Filters - for brewing your coffee sustainably.




That’s all for today, folks!


You’ll hear more from me in the upcoming days.

Until then, keep brewing and I hope you are wise to do that sustainably :)

🌳 Wobh Weekly #13 - Hello from the other side