🌳 Wobh Weekly #2: Fall Sale and Grinding Coffee for Cloth Filters

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Grinding Coffee for Cloth Filters

One question we get asked the most is about grinding coffee for cloth filters. Grinding for cloth filters is not too different from paper filters. In most cases the answer is grinding slightly finer. But our recommended approach is starting the same as paper, and then making changes. Starting simple is the key. Read the blog for on in-depth answer.



Last Few Days of the Fall Sale

This Monday we started our Fall Sale. We only do sales twice a year. This is the best time to get a Wobh Filter. The sale ends at midnight, Sunday.



Behind The Scenes

The AeroPress filter is (almost) ready!

After a small hiccup, our AeroPress fit is ready. We're just running some final tests on it, before it goes into production.



Photo of the Week

This is a picture from Anandita. She took her filter to vacation, and sent her this picture.



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🌳 Wobh Weekly #2: Fall Sale and Grinding Coffee for Cloth Filters