🌳 Wobh Weekly #3 - AeroPress filters are finally here!

Wobh Weekly is a weekly newsletter from our founder Suyash. Where talks about different themes in coffee, sustainability, shares resources, and takes you behind the scenes.


And, the AeroPress filters are here!

The filters have turned really well. With the AeroPress championship just around the corner, the timing (accidently) turned out to be perfect.



1. Akshay of Kapi Kottai has been spending some time at Mooleh Manay coffee estate. There he has been observing the effects of climate change and documenting it. If you're interested in knowing more about what Climate Change is doing on the ground, go check out the account of Kapi Kottai and Mooleh Manay Estate.

2. MyCoffeeToday community is hosting a giveaway on their Instagram page. They're giving away a bag of coffee and a beautiful ceramic mug. Enter the giveaway here.


Behind The Scenes

1. Cloth Filter for the Tricolate

Since the past two weeks, I have been playing with the Tricolate Brewer a lot. I have also decided to go ahead and make a filter for it. From the point of making a filter, its going to be very interesting. You should be able to see it very soon. I'm going to document my brews and observations about the Tricolate in great detail on my personal blog. You can signup for updates here.

2. Updating the Cold-Brew Bag

With this new design, using the bag should be even more convenient. You can use even smaller or small-mouthed vessels to make your cold-brew batches. The clean-up is going to be easier than before.

3. Global Discord Server for Cloth Filters

I have also been toying around the idea of starting a global Discord server. If we make a server would you be interested in it? If yes, what would you like to see happening in it?


It's always a pleasure to hear from you.

Until next week,

🌳 Wobh Weekly #3 - AeroPress filters are finally here!