🌳 Wobh Weekly #4 - A Closer Look at the Building Blocks

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A Closer Look at the Building Blocks

One the most important aspects of sustainable design is choosing the right raw-material or building block.

When we compare paper filters to cloth filters, we're comparing trees and the cotton crop, as the basic building blocks. What's important to understand is, trees are much difficult to renew than the cotton plant.

Simply put one is a spendable resource, and other a building block of life. I found this simple realization and thought process, very insightful. Hope its as insightful to you too.

More on this soon.


Join the Cloth Filters Club!

The Global Cloth Filters Club is now live on Discord. Join now to take part in discussions, meet fellow cloth filter enthusiasts, get a front seat to experimentations and learn to brew better coffee. Join the Club.


The Indian Aeropress Championship is here.
Are you taking part?

4th edition of the Indian Aeropress Championship is almost here. There might be a small surprise if you participate (shhhhhhhh). Keep an eye out for when the registrations open up. Here's a link their to official account.



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🌳 Wobh Weekly #4 - A Closer Look at the Building Blocks