🌳 Wobh Weekly #7 - Studio Update, Completing 1st year soon & Birthday Ideas


Wobh Weekly is a weekly newsletter from our founder Suyash. Which talks about different themes in coffee, sustainability, shares resources, and takes you behind the scenes.


Completing 1st Year Soon

We're completing 1 year next month. Naturally, the urge is to do something special. While the team and I brainstorm ideas, why don't you share yours?!

The past year has been really eventful for us. We've had such a great time, all because of you!

So now, what is something special we can do for you?


Studio Update

I skipped last week's Wobh Weekly. And this one is 2 days late too. I'm really sorry for this.

We've been really busy with a studio upgrade. This was all that consumed, the last 2 weeks. But now the studio space is so much better than before. We have a better space for our team, better space for a lab, and a much better place to relax :)


Do you need any help?

Help with your preparations for the Aeropress Championship? If yes, feel free to hit me up. Nothing would make me happier.

This year you get Wobh Aeropress filters with the competition coffee. The Delhi rounds and others have been announced. You can sign up here.



1. Prepare for the Aeropress Championship with this video.

Mithilesh is the founder of Corridor Seven Roasters. He also won the first Indian Aeropress Championship. Who better to take advice on this subject than him. Check out his video here.

2. New Producer Series lot from Blue Tokai.

Producer series from last year was a huge success. I brewed and enjoyed 3 of their 5 coffees. This new lot is from Kerehaklu. My expectations are very high. Check it out here.


Behind the Scenes

This picture is from my routine QC tests. We do one for every batch of filters, to maintain consistency.


It's always a pleasure to hear from you. Forward this newsletter to someone you think might like it.

Until next week,


🌳 Wobh Weekly #7 - Studio Update, Completing 1st year soon & Birthday Ideas