🌳 Wobh Weekly #8 - Are Cloth Filters Even Worth it?

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Are cloth filters even worth it?

Yes. Of course yes.

But well, I have a clear bias.

So you should see for yourself. Read these reviews. See what other home-brewers have to say.

Show me.


What coffee are you brewing?

We're planning something exciting for our first anniversary. Which is next month.

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I'll do it.



1. Prepare for the Aeropress Championship with this video.

Mithilesh is the founder of Corridor Seven Roasters. He also won the first Indian Aeropress Championship. Who better to take advice on this subject than him. Check out his video here.

2. New Producer Series lot from Blue Tokai.

Producer series from last year was a huge success. I brewed and enjoyed 3 of their 5 coffees. This new lot is from Kerehaklu. My expectations are very high. Check it out here.



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🌳 Wobh Weekly #8 - Are Cloth Filters Even Worth it?