5 Starter Tips for Cloth Filters

Cloth filters are perfect for starting & getting into specialty coffee brewing. They're forgiving, easy to use, and kind on the planet. Here are 5 starter tips for cloth filters.

1. Start with same variables as paper filters.

When brewing with cloth filters for the first time, keep all the metric/variables same. Start with the same water temperature, brew ratio, pouring technique, etc. Starting simple with the same metric is great. You can make changes based on the coffee you're getting.

2. Soak the filters before first use.

Soak your filters in just off the boil water with a spoon of baking soda for 15 mins before the first use. Doing this opens up the fabric pores, removing the last bits of starch used while weaving. The first soak gives you a much better filter to start brewing with.


3. Don't worry about sediment/fines in your cup.

Wobh cloth filters will give you an extremely clean cup, filtering out all the fines, sediments and silt. Using a finer grind setting will never be an issue while brewing.

4. Store the filters wet in the refrigerator.

Once you've brewed, rinse the filter and put them in a glass/jar of water. Then store them in the refrigerator, until the next use. This is storage method we most recommend. There are a lot of benefits to this. The filters remain in a better condition. Pre wetting the filter before use, is much easier. There is no mold/bacteria development on the filter. Overall, the life of the filter increases and you get better brews.

5. Don't fuss over cleaning.

While cleaning seems a bit of a challenge, it is not. First the filters are really easy to clean, just rinsing under tap water does the job. Second, it very quickly becomes a part of your routine among all the other things. The seeming fuss of cleaning is deceptive.


- Adhi Savla from Wobh

5 Starter Tips for Cloth Filters