Best Coffees in India - June 2021

A lot of new harvest coffees are hitting the stores. This is a detailed overview of our favourite coffees and recipe for the month of June. 

Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold by Bombay Island

Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold is a dark roasted bean roasted by Bombay Island which is situated in Mumbai. These beans said to have one of the largest size arabica beans in Indian specialty market. This bold and balanced profile is perfect for any milk based beverage. Obviously, the next question would be what did we make and how? So we used an Aeropress to get a concentrated coffee and frothed milk using a French Press. I'll get into details:

  • Take 18 gms coffee and grind it at 16 click (Timemore Chestnut C2)
  • In the Inverted Aeropress method, put the ground coffee and pour the water untill it reaches number 2.
  • Keep it for 90 seconds, then invert the aeropress and plunge it until there is a hissing sound.
  • Take 180 ml hot milk in a French Press and plunge the liver 15 to 18 times. You will a skinny, velvety textured milk which is ready to be poured into the cup.

Pavithra by Sangameshwar Coffee Estates

Rains have just begun in most parts of the country. Something very interesting thing about rains is that with more rains, the consumption of coffee goes up. I feel black coffee complements perfectly with this weather. Talking about americano or pour-over, Pavithra by SCE was something that's very brilliant[;.. Here is what my Pourover recipe looked like:

  • Take 20 gms of coffee and grind it at 18 click (Timemore Chestnut C2).
  • Pre wet the filter, put the ground beans and pour the water in circular direction. Let it bloom for 30 seconds.
  • Using the ratio of 1:15, the final pour usually lasts for 1 min 30 seconds.
  • Pair it with a good read or lo - fi music while enjoying the rains from the window.

Maindo from Kokoro (Curated by BeanRove)

A solid everyday coffee from Beanrove. While the coffee had a sweetness to it throughout, the aftertaste had a distinct and long sweetness to it. I enjoyed this coffee most as a cold brew using Wobh cold brew bags. Here's my recipe:

  1. Grind 70 grams of coffee in a coarse setting. Between 23-25 clicks on the Timemore C2.
  2. After preparing the powder the next step is to use our(hyperlink) cold-brew bag, fill the bag with the ground coffee and dip it in a jar filled with 1000 ml of water.
  3. Keep it refrigerated or in a cool place for 16 hours, your brew likes the chill. And it is a cold brew for a reason.
  4. After the stipulated time, you’ll see a beautiful eruption of colour in the now ready cold brew, the bag has done its magic and now you can remove it.

795 Yeast Fermented Mascerated Naturals by BeanRove

A really bright, citrusy, and fruity coffee. It's really expressive on its own, but getting the right acidity to sweetness balance needs a bit of work. If you're a fan of expressive and bright coffees, this is a must-try. My dosage was again higher on a Kalita wave. Here's the complete recipe.

  1. Ration 1:15. 20g to 300ml water in my case.
  2. Water 90dg. Grind size. Medium fine. (Almost aeropress grind size. 28 clicks on 1zpresso JX Pro). This combination of finer grind size and lower temperature works really well with a lot of Naturally processed or bright coffees.
  3. 180-200ml by 1min 15sec. Remaining water by 1min 45sec.
  4. 2.30 to 2.45 total brew time.


 - Reviewed by Adhi and Suyash from Wobh

Best Coffees in India - June 2021