Coffee Stories: Deepika Gowda

Deepika is one of the best hot chocolate makers and an illustrator who has simplified the subject of coffee through her illustrations.

This is Deepika's coffee story.


How and when did you start drinking coffee?

I started drinking coffee when I was 10 years old. I was then allowed to have coffee. Coffee has always been a part of my life since I am a south Indian.


Why do you drink coffee? What does coffee mean to you? What do you love about it?

I started drinking coffee because I don't drink tea. So only when I visited someone I would ask for coffee, it was either this or that. But later as I grew up it became an everyday thing, the more I understood coffee, the more I started falling in love with it. If I were to ask what will I do for a good cup of coffee, I would say that I will start my own coffee shop and that is what I did. Didn't get a good cup of coffee, no problem, lets set up one.


A coffee experience you'd like to share?

My husband and I flew to Bengaluru early in the morning to meet our roaster at Beanrove and fix a house blend for our coffee shop. That day we had lots of different coffees for 6-7 hours straight, talking about coffee, exchanging experiences and building a bond.


How has your experience with Wobh, been so far? What do you love about us?

In life, in some or the other way I try to inculcate sustainability. Even in our coffee shop we try to do our best to lessen the waste created. Paper filters were something that was bothering us, we were searching for an alternative and we came across Wobh.

But even now there are people who are not comfortable drinking coffee made in a used filter cloth because of which we use it only for our coffee. Hopefully that will change soon.

Coffee Stories: Deepika Gowda