Coffee Stories: Neeraj Pathak

Neeraj is a passionate coffee drinker. As passionate as anybody can get. He loves to experiment, always brew the latest release, and connect with as many people as he can over this shared passion.

This is Neeraj's coffee story.

How and when did you start drinking coffee?

Coffee drinking started mainly as a need for caffeine to study long hours during my school days. It started with instant coffee in loads of milk, which technically won’t even qualify as coffee now. Okay Neeraj, why do you drink coffee? What does coffee mean to you? What do you love about it?

Now I drink coffee, because it is a part of my day. An essential chore without which day is incomplete. Coffee brewing is like meditation. Sets my tone right for the whole day. That’s why I love coffee

A coffee experience you'd like to share?

There are many, but this one is special. I have always thought of flavors quite differently. First time I mixed orange juice with coffee, well actually I mixed tang with instant coffee. I know sounds crazy. It smelled horrible as well. But the taste, it hit me different. Over period of time I have improved my recipe. And I have suggested this to many. Although mostly I get a frown from people, but then you find some who match your level of insanity. coffee + orange juice rocks.

How has your experience with Wobh, been so far? What do you love about us?

It has been a great journey. There are Ups n downs with the cloth filters, until you discover the right care routine. Wobh Filters are a great addition if you brew daily. And if you brew like me(3-4 times a day) you have to get them. Is it sustainable yes. Is it a lot of work. Compared with paper filters. Yes. But is it worth the hassle, I would say totally. Cloth filters have played a crucial part in my coffee journey and only thing I repent is not starting earlier with the cloth filters.

Coffee Stories: Neeraj Pathak