Coffee Stories: Shobhit Agrawal

Shobhit is a food consultant and coffee enthusiast who loves to experiment and keep trying out new roasters.

This is Shobhit's coffee story.

How and when did you start drinking coffee?

I started drinking coffee when I was in college. Like most of us I believed I was only drinking Bru, Nescafe, etc. as that is what we knew as coffee and also CCD, Starbucks thereafter. It was mostly because I wanted to stay awake, and coffee felt like a "grown up" thing to do. So, I guess that also played a role of its own. Although, eventually I developed the taste of it and started having Espressos and black coffee properly.

Why do you drink coffee? What does coffee mean to you? What do you love about it?

I drink coffee because I love it, simple. I want to explore the world of coffee and all its diverse cultures around the world. Coffee means meditation and life to me. Might sound cliched but that how I feel during the whole brewing process.

As life isn't black or white, even coffee isn't. A simple change can alter your experience and that is what keeps you on your toes and just feel present.


A coffee experience you'd like to share?

I would like to share two as I can't choose one. First, filter coffee that I had early in the morning in Bangalore 2017 at the historic and the very first Mavalli Tiffin Room (OG) established during the independence. The historic feel of the place as they still have, 60+ year old furniture and the b/w photographs all over of Generals, Nehru Ji etc. That filter coffee in such a setting and morning with cool breeze was truly something. Second, the first time I had a proper specialty coffee. It was by Marc's Coffee. Balmaadi was the very first specialty coffee and it just blew my mind. Because it was my first exposure to this niche world and second because of its taste. Had a noticeable citric and sweet taste to it besides being a little toasty and all due to the roast level. I never had experienced such multilayered experience in coffee and I was instantly in love with this world.

How has your experience with Wobh, been so far? What do you love about us?

Wobh cloth filters have made my personal brews so much better. Been reading about cloth filters and the kind of enhanced feeling coffee it brews made me curious and hence allowed me to try out Wobh.

These are the best quality cloth filters out there in my opinion, feels premium, superb feel of the brew and all the more has made my life a bliss especially with cold brews. Incredible!

Coffee Stories: Shobhit Agrawal