Grinding Coffee for Cloth Filters

Not all hustle is loud, a few hours, it's just you and the grind. On that note, let's talk coffee and grind size. The grind doesn't stop, the hustlers don't compromise.

Grinding coffee at home takes the experience of coffee, a few notches higher.

Starting with the same grind size as with paper filters

If you are a person that grinds coffee at home for paper filters, you don't need to change anything, to begin with, you'll learn with time about what you want and what you wanna head into. You can start at the same size that you've grown used to on the run of the mill paper filters and go to refine what you already know based on your preference. The drive is on automatic with this one.

Grind sizes change-over-time

With time, cloth filters' brews get slower. When you first use the cloth filters, the brew time is comparatively faster than paper filters. The filters over time and use evolve to give denser extractions and as the soul wears on, you can sense how your experience changes. It's the little tweaks that you can do with the levels.

Grind limits and ranges

You can grind much finer than the limits of a paper filter- because the structure of a cloth filter allows the coffee to seep through giving a much larger range of operation than paper filters. Cloth filters drain much faster than paper in that sense. Once you can grind much finer, you can extract that much more from the coffee, lip-smackin isn't it. And because the coffee can be finer, the extraction percentages are higher. They give you the nuanced notes expected because they allow you to grind fine. Cloth filters are much more forgiving in terms of grind size. Clogging doesn't happen with Wobh filters, which is something that plays on your mind with paper filters. The cloth breathes on. All of these collectively give you the richness, a side unravels itself. A festive dance of vibrant flavors gives you that smile you always wanted after a cup of coffee. Like my favorite set of movies but better, Expect-a Surprisum. Until the next brew, same time, same hue.



~ Mani Varna from Wobh

Grinding Coffee for Cloth Filters