How To Brew The Best Cold-Brew Coffee

Brewing is a slow process and it’s all about the anticipation that makes it a wonderful little experience when the brew hits your lips. For starters, we’ve to find what the perfect ratio is and for us after quite a few hits and misses we’ve come down to a brewing time of 16 hours at a ratio of 1 to 14 where it stands for 70 grams of coffee for 1000 milliliters of water, a coarse grind of course. With the prerequisites in place, we can start with the procedure.

First step: Grind 70 grams of coffee in a coarse setting. Between 23-25 clicks on the Timemore C2.

Second step: After preparing the powder the next step is to use our cold-brew bag, fill the bag with the ground coffee and dip it in a jar filled with 1000 ml of water.

Third step: Keep it refrigerated or in a cool place for 16 hours, your brew likes the chill. And it is a cold brew for a reason.

Fourth Step: After the stipulated time, you’ll see a beautiful eruption of color in the now ready cold brew, the bad has done its magic and now you can remove it.

Now what to do with cold brew :

  • Add 3 to 4 ice cubes to the glass, and pour the cold brew over it. Drink up.
  • Add some milk ,if you want to have a milk-based beverage.
  • Add sugar as per your taste, keeping in mind cold brews are traditionally on the sweeter side compared to other coffees.

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How To Brew The Best Cold-Brew Coffee