Learn To Brew Sustainabily

Did you hear about it?

We have a workshop coming up next week with Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters in Delhi, and we are so excited to help you with tips and tricks to make your brew session sustainable✨


What's in the workshop? 

The workshop will take place over two parts. In the first one, you’ll be taken over the history of cloth filters, their importance and impact on the environment, with an interactive session with the trainers in the end. 

In the second part, the basics of brewing coffee at home, as well as the science behind brewing the perfect cup will be covered. Demonstration of 2 manual brewing methods during the workshop: AeroPress and Pour Over.


Workshop Flow

  • Introduction
  • History of cloth filters
  • Cloth vs Paper, the difference between sustainability, workflow, etc.
  • Why cloth filters?
  • QnA session
  • Brewing session for AeroPress & Pour Over methods with Wobh Filters


What's in it for me?

You get to takeaway Wobh's Hario V60 filter & Wobh's Cold-Brew Bag with you for some sustainable brewing. 


Date: 3rd December, Saturday

Venue: Cannaught Place, New Delhi

Time: 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm

Learn To Brew Sustainabily