Principles of Packaging & Design

There's a level of responsibility that comes with the talk about sustainability. When we look into our practices, we focus on every nook and cranny that comes along.


Responsible choices.

Among the first in the pecking order is the materials that we use, packaging is a coalition of various parts that start their journey from design and messaging. At the core of everything, we believe in sustainability, meaning the materials involved for the outer box, the filters, pouch of filters and even the tape we put on the packaging are inherently eco-friendly. It takes some presence to be conscious about everything that we send to your hands and understanding what it is exactly made of. Keeping things biodegradable and utilitarian at the same time is the goal, and we are pulling every string we can. We understand the recycling backlog in the world that we exist in and how recyclable materials are just not enough.

Stress on details. Even the little ones.

Green-washing isn't what we want to do, we want to look at the complete picture of what the material is for. A few times, coffee bags have a Kraft paper exterior and a plastic lining on the inside. It is the same as a paper cup with a layer of plastic on the inside, it just isn't worth it. On one side it is plastic, and on the worse side, it isn't even recyclable. There are places where plastic is avoidable, and there are places where it isn't, but lying is always avoidable.

Our use of resources daily is often smaller than the mega conglomerates, and because we use so little we only have a small footprint on what we get to choose. But the idea of being sustainable is more about doing what we can, rather than what we couldn't. In essence, we keep our choices minimal and our path ahead clear.


Clarity above anything.

On the side of design and clarity, we always knew what message we want to send across. The idea is to tell anybody, what the specific product is about and how beautiful that first impression can be. We try to understand where someone is coming from and to tell them that there's a world waiting for them to discover, a world running on caffeine and composure.

Keep things simple.

Clarity and simplicity go hand in hand with each other, yet are two different things. We got our minds together, to work through them at a level after another. Further down the road of clarity, we've found out simplicity, the simplest of the messages make a lot more sense than the mishmash of noise that doesn't.

Stripping everything unnecessary.

In the end, we look through the lens of minimalism in a world of unnecessary clutter, we keep what we need and we work on creating the best out of it. The people we are, the way we talk and the kind of lives we'd live, nothing needs to be decorated to be liberating. Once we believe, there isn't any going back. Once we understand what we are is enough, we'd always have time to give more, do more and live more.

~ Mani Varna and Suyash from Wobh

Principles of Packaging & Design