Why you should use a cloth filter? Are cloth filters for you? 5 reasons to switch.

Five Reasons to Switch to a Cloth Filter

The third wave of coffee is all about the bigger picture, the goal driven vision. From higher quality beans to better farming practices. From fair trade coffee to redefining coffee as an artisanal luxury drink rather than a common commodity.

And with the third wave, the spotlight was back to the cloth filter.  And not only for the syrupy mouthfeel taste that it produces but also for the sustainable need that this wave craves.

Is a cloth filter for you?  How can one decide? What are the factors one needs to look into before switching? Well, this article is for you .


If you are still looking for reasons you should switch, read on below. We have listed 5 uber cool reasons why switching to cloth filters makes so much more sense.

We truly believe that the 5th Reason is more than enough to make any coffee lover switch to cloth filters.


1. You would save more

We know, one paper filter costs so much less. But that's the thing, you have to keep buying it for every single brew session.

  • Paper Filter → Buy. Filter. Dump. Repeat

And over time, the tiny cost adds up, both to you and to the environment.

  • Cloth Filter → Buy. Filter. Clean. Repeat.

Cloth filters would last you at least for 3 months, and it would cost you 50% less.

Plus it’s compostable at the end of its life :)

Here's another breakdown, if you brew one cup of coffee a day-

It’s either 365 paper filters or 4-5 cloth filters a year.


2. Be an Eco-Warrior

Coffee Farming and production creates a big ecological negative impact on the environment.

Similarly, if climate change continues to worsen, it threatens coffee production across the globe.  The only way forward is sustainable practices in the coffee industry. Right from coffee farming to your brewing session.

Your choice of filter might not seem like a big eco choice, but over 2 Billion cups of coffee is consumed daily across the world. Now imagine the number of paper filters not ending up in landfills because you opted for Cloth filters. The Reusable coffee filter is a mini but greener choice.


3. Cool for the Gram

Have you seen the eco vibe on Instagram lately? Ignoring the blatant greenwashing by some brands for profit, many more people are opting for sustainable products right now. In fact, 80%  of people are much more likely to opt for greener products once they are made aware of them. And Instagram is in the forerunning with brands and people actually encouraging people to live more consciously. Even if one person opts for a cloth filter because of you, congrats! You made one more tiny green footprint!


4. The Versatility

There is so much you can do with the cloth filter, and there’s a filter for every brewing instrument. Plus a whole plethora of cool recipes you can try out with the cloth filter. And it's a perfect choice, if you brew multiple times a day. With so much less wastage. You can brew up to 150 cups, a much more economical and easier choice.


5. The Taste

If you haven't tried cloth filter brewed coffee, you are in for a treat! And if you have, you know what we are talking about. The taste is completely different from the “clean” brew you are used to with paper, it's much more rich and heavy.

Your cloth filter lets in all those rich heavier flavors from your specialty artisanal coffee. Right in the sweet spot of the taste spectrum between paper and metal filters. If the other 4 reasons didn't make you want to  switch, this definitely should. There is a whole array of flavors from your coffee that you are missing out on.


In short, make the switch to cloth filters if

  • You are looking for a sustainable choice but don't want to compromise on taste
  • You want to save money? Plus also look on Instagram.


And if none of those reasons are enough, here's a scenario that won't’ happen with a cloth filter -

You wake up to a dreadful Monday morning with back to back meetings lined up, only to find you have run out of paper filters. You cannot have coffee :(

You don't have to start Mondays without coffee, use the cloth filter. Reuse it. And again reuse it.

If you have made the switch, tell us what was the reason that made you pick up the cloth filter. And if you haven’t, what’s stopping you?

Let the coffee enthusiast in you explore everything that the cloth filter has to offer.

Why you should use a cloth filter? Are cloth filters for you? 5 reasons to switch.