🌳 Wobh Weekly #1: Is Chemex really a Chemex, without the filters?

Is Chemex really a Chemex, without the filters?

"A cloth filter for the Chemex! But isn't Chemex coffee supposed to be crisp, sharp and low-bodied? Isn't that what a Chemex is?"

Okay so what really is a Chemex? Is it the thick paper filters? Is is the huge glass body? Or is it the wood accents? It's important to answer this question since we're designing filters for this iconic brewer. And for us to do a good job with any brewer, we need to understand it first.

Well the Chemex is certainly not the thick paper filters, or the crisp coffee they produce. I think the Chemex at its heart is a combination of its heritage, history and beauty. And this has nothing to do with filtration.

New Launch: Chemex Filters

Chemex users, you can now brew coffee sustainably too. Our Chemex filters are available in sizes 6 and 3 Cups.


1. This piece on sustainability from Perfect Daily Grind. It explores different angles of sustainability. This will be a great read for you if you're interested the wider meaning of this word or interested in the concept in general.

2. James Hoffman's video on cloth filters. There's a slim chance you might not have watched this video. So here's the link in case you didn't.

3. At the end of each month we share the coffees we enjoyed the most. Here are our recommendations from August.

4. Let's Kauphy is a roastery that exclusively roast coffees from Araku Valley. Mani from our team visited their roastery. Here's their chat - Talking coffee with Let's Kauphy.


Photo of the Week

This picture is from our latest shoot. You can check out the entire collection of pictures here.

This is all for this week. Please feel free to write back. I would love to hear your thoughts on this edition.


~ Suyash from Wobh

🌳 Wobh Weekly #1: Is Chemex really a Chemex, without the filters?