The Process

Wobh filters are made from organic cotton that we source directly from cloth weaving mills in India. Using organic cotton makes sure the material you'll use to make coffee deserves those fine beans. Organic cotton is chemical and pesticide free.

Each filter is made in our own facility in New Delhi. This is how we control the quality that you love so much. Each piece is hand cut by a Cutting Master, and then stitched by an experienced artisan. Unlike the mass production philosophy, each of our piece is crafted by a single artisan. Making a piece end to end helps them take ownership of the pieces they stitch, it even helps them improve their craft. This certainly takes time, but the result won't be the same if we rushed.

We enjoy each cut, each stitch, and crafting every filter.


How we're Sustainable

Sustainability is one of our key pillars. Here's are our principles of sustainability.

First, the very idea of reusable filters sets you and us on a sustainable path. Using cloth filters saves a huge amount of paper filter generated waste.

Second, we have been using plastic-free packaging from day one. It took us a lot of time to find the right packaging and tape. To this day, using regular plastic tape and packaging would be much easier and economical. The e-commerce industry alone generated billions of tones of single-use plastic waste. We don't want to a part of this. No matter the odds, we're committed to staying plastic-free.

Third, we are intentional about the waste we generate. Our used coffee grounds and organic waste, ends up in our huge compost pit. Other waste is responsibly disposed.