Filter Care & FAQs

First Use

Before using your filter for the first time, we recommend you soak it in just off the boil water for 10-15 minutes. While we already wash the cloth before stitching, and the finished filters after stitching. This additional soak opens up all the pores, and takes out the last bits of starch used while weaving the cloth.

After soaking it give the filter a rinse. Now you're good to go.


Cloth filters work better with a relatively finer grind size. If you're not too sure, then start with the same grind size as paper and change accordingly. It's key to start simple. Here are some grinder benchmarks for your reference.

1. Baratza Encore: 14-15 Clicks
2. Timemore C2: 17-18 Clicks
3. 1zpresso JX Pro: 28-29 Clicks

Cleaning the Filter

1. Once the filter is cool enough to hold, dump the used coffee grounds in your compost bin or trash.
2. Rinse the filter under tap water, remove all the grounds. We don't recommend using any strong detergent or soap. Since that will affect the taste of your coffee.
3. Store it wet in cup or jar with water, if you're a regular user. Or hang them to dry under the sun, if you're not regular or prefer drying them.

We recommend you store them wet. Also, change the water in your storage cup or jar after each brew. Wet storage also prolongs the life of your filter.
4. You can deep clean the filter once a week. For this soak your filter in off the boil water with a teaspoon of baking soda/Cafiza/any other cleaner.

When to Change the Filter?

Keep in mind that your Wobh filter will naturally change with time. It will pour more quickly when it's new, hit a sweet spot around middle-age, and start to drip more slowly toward the end of its lifecycle. Once your filter has reached this point, it’s time to compost and replace it with a new one.

Some Tips

- Wash within 30-45 mins after use. More contact time with the grounds leads to more oil build-up within the filter.
- Hanging the filter to dry is perfectly fine if you're not a regular user.
- Your filter is supposed to age with time. Brew become longer as it ages. You should adjust your grind size accordingly.


How long can you use a single filter?

A single filter lasts about 100 uses. Which is 3-4 months of regular usage. Proper care with our recommendation leads to a longer lifecycle.

How easy is it to clean the filters?

Your filter is extremely easy to clean. All you have to do is rinse it under tap water and store it.

Do Wobh Filters save me money?

Yes. Wobh Filters are much more economical to use. They roughly cost you just 25% of regular paper filters cost. Plus they're kind on the planet.

Why is my brew different than paper?

Cloth and paper brews are supposed to be different. Cloth brews are richer than paper, but brighter than a French-Press. Cloth lets most of the acids from the coffee pass too, holding back the astringent ones. Hence your cup will be much more balanced and smooth.

Is is necessary to keep the cloth filter in fridge?

No, it is not necessary, but we recommend it. Keeping the filter in water and in the fridge holds off bacteria and mold development. Your filter is likely to stay much healthier and brew better coffee this way.

How to ensure that there are no coffee particles stuck in the cloth filter?

The flat weave of Wobh Filters keeps grounds off. Your light rinse after every use is good enough to keep them from getting stuck.

Can I use a soap or detergent to wash the filters?

We don't recommend you do. Using any soap or detergent will lead to some flavouring in your next brew.
However you can use a mild one.

What are these tiny brown specs on my filter?

They are nothing to worry about. These are twigs, stems & parts of the cotton plant. Since our fabric is organic, it goes through minimal processing. Occasionally these make it to the finished fabric. Your filter will work the same way.

Is my filter compostable?

Completely. Once you're done with your filter, go ahead and compost it with your kitchen waste.

My filter developed some mold. What do I do?

This might happen if you don't take care your filter. Mold develops when you leave your filter damp in a warm space. These are ideal conditions for mold and bacteria to develop. Boil your filter for 10-15 minutes with a tablespoon of baking soda. Dry it under the sun after the boiling it. The mold should go away. Resume using it after this.