Khayaali Upcycled Journal Folio | A5 | Bottle Green

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Khayaali is designed to be the companion to your every Khayaal. Khaayli can fit any A5 notebooks, notes and so much more. Its's perfect for everyday use. This journal folio is made from post-production fabric scraps. It comes with a recycled paper notebook with a seed paper cover.

Yes! Wobh filters are extremely easy to take care of. Just rinse the filter after each brew, and store it wet or hang-dry.

For consistently high quality brews, store your filter wet in the refrigerator. In a jar with water. The hang-dry method works well too. But storing wet keeps the filter healthier.

Read our Filter Care Guide & FAQs to learn more.

Filter Care

Rich, clear and consistent coffee. Every single time.

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